Kitchen Safety


Are blades, forks, scissors, and other sharp devices in a drawer with a childproof lock?

Have you introduced a dishwasher bolt so kids can’t open it while it’s running and can’t achieve delicate dishes, blades, and different hazardous articles?

Have you introduced a stove bolt and have handle defenders been set on the stove handles?


Are seats and step stools situated far from the stove?

Whenever cooking, are all pot handles on the stove turned internal or put on back burners where kids can’t contact them?

Are glass items and apparatuses with sharp edges put away out of reach?

Is the rubbish can behind a bureau entryway with a childproof hook?

Are all apparatuses unplugged when not being used, with ropes out of reach?

Are all vitamin or medication bottles firmly shut and put away in a high bureau a long way from reach?

Are matches and lighters put away in a bolted bureau?

Is the cupboard under the sink free of cleaning supplies, bug showers, dishwasher cleaner, and dishwashing fluids? What’s more, are these provisions out of the compass of youngsters?

Are any jugs containing liquor put away out of reach?

Are all plastic rubbish sacks and sandwich packs out of reach?

Are any ropes or wires from divider phones or satellite TV out of reach?

Are cooler magnets and other little protests out of reach?

Are childproof hooks introduced on all bureau entryways?

Is there a working fire quencher? Do relatives know how to utilize it?

Does your tyke’s infant chair have a seat strap with a strap between the legs?